From its humble beginnings in 1971, Umezuruike Hospital has made giant strides in providing quality medical care to Owerri and its environs. The hospital treats patients referred from other towns in Imo State and other states. 

The outpatient attendance is 22,566 patients in a year. 

Inpatient admissions come up to 1625 per annum. Cases vary in complexity from malaria including the first reported case of extrapyramidal effects from chloroquine to more unusual cases such as GullianBarre Syndrome and most of them are treated successfully. Cases beyond the scope of care in the hospital are immediately referred to other centers.

waitng room
Patients at the reception
The hospital delivers about 366 children every year including premature infants which have been successfully managed. One of our pride is a 28-week old premature infant which was successfully managed – a rare medical feat! Among the premature babies delivered in the hospital was Dr. Oparaku N. Umez-Eronini, the first son of Eze (Dr.) Umez-EroniniHe is now a qualified surgeon/ urologist in the United Kingdom, and the current Chief Medical Director of Umezuruike Hospital.
After Delivery
Ante-Natal Section
Every month, 138 children on the average are immunized against the killer diseases. No child born in Umezuruike Hospital fails to be immunized against Tuberculosis before discharge, and arrangements are concluded for full immunization of the child as stipulated by the NPI. This is perhaps one of the most gratifying results of the medical efforts of the hospital. When the hospital first started practice, it was a taboo for instance to give injection to measles cases. So children with bronchopneumonia as a complication of measles were hardly ever brought to the hospital for fear that doctors will give them injection and this would lead to their death. The hospital undertook a very serious public enlightenment programme and, coupled with proper medical practical demonstration, Umezuruike Hospital was able to overcome this problem and break the myth.
Post - Natal Care
An average of 300 surgical operations is carried out in a year, 45% of which are major surgeries. The surgical procedures range from minor surgeries like Incision and drainage and suturing of lacerations to major surgeries like laparotomies, bowel resections, mastectomies, thyroidectomies , prostatectomies, Caesarean sections, myomectomies - virtually all Obstetric and Gynaecological cases as well as General surgery and Urology cases. Cases are often referred from other hospitals to us, both from within and outside Imo state.
Umezuruike Hospital is well staffed with Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory and x-ray Technologists, Cleaners, Cooks, Stewards, Gardeners Drivers and Security staff. The doctor strength has grown from two at the inception to eight full time doctors and five visiting consultant. This is the largest number for any private hospital of its size. Among the staff are physicians, surgeons, obstetricians, and general medical practitioners. The hospital is recognized by the National Postgraduate College of Nigeria for the training of part II General Medical Practitioners.
So far two doctors have been trained from the Imo State Government in this programme. Umezuruike Hospital has been the practicing ground for a number of general and specialist medical practitioners now privately established in Owerri and beyond. Many have been grateful for this exposure and modeled their hospital in line with that of Umezuruike. The hospital runs a three-year training programme for auxiliary nurses and those trained here find quick employment in this or other hospitals and compete favourably with the government trained nurses.
The dream of the father of the proprietor brought Umezuruike Hospital into being. The dream of the proprietor, Eze Dr. E. M. Umez-Eronini has kept it going and growing. The dream is that Umezuruike Hospital will grow into a 100-bed hospital, adequately staffed and fully equipped to offer all available services of a top flight hospital, meeting the best standards in the world. The establishment of a renal dialysis unit and a tissue transplant unit are in the pipeline. There is a future dream of establishing a pharmaceutical unit as part of Umezuruike Hospital.
The Umezuruike Nursing home, it is hoped, will become a place where other specialists can send their patients for hospital management. The hospital is now a ‘non profit’ making organization in which all the profit is shared by the workers and the rest is ploughed back into further hospital development. The principal consultants have profit sharing contracts

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